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Birdwatching, nature conservation and consultancy in North Cyprus


BIrding with CWE

Once a client makes contact we will organise itineraries according to the number of days they wish to book but typical trips are briefly as follows:

Option 1. Standard day. From Kyrenia we pick a route transecting the dramatic Five Finger Mountains. This brings us onto the Eastern Mesaoria Plain where we pick up the waterways and head on to the Famagusta Wetlands and choose a route back along the North Coast. We recommend this trip if you only would like to book a single day.

Starred Agama
Mesaoria Plain wetland in spring.
Photo: Robin Snape

Option 2. The Koruçam Peninsula to the West of the Island with its stunning untouched coastline, followed by the foothills of the Troodos Mountains and/or additional wetlands on the Western Mesaoria Plain. A great second day and depending on the time of year and conditions often recommended as first choice.

Option 3. The Karpaz Peninsula. This requires an early start, a good breakfast and in spring is really recommended. We aim to be on the tip of the “Pan Handle” for lunch stopping en route at various wetlands, crags and orchards. On the way back we pick our way through the most remote parts of the island teasing out additional ticks to our extensive list which after three days in spring is likely to be into triple figures.  
We also organise optional boat trips from Apostles Andreas Monastery to and around the Klidhes Islands during April and May for up to 20 people via two large permitted fishing vessels. Nesting Audouin’s and Yellow Legged gulls, Mediterranean Shags, other sea birds, migrants and nesting Peregrine Falcon can be observed.

Boat Trip
Boat Trip
Boat trips to the Klidhes Islands off Karpaz cape can be arranged through CWE. As a conservation measure landing on
the islands is not permitted but a number of vessels have special permission to take passengers out to see the nesting sea birds from their vessels.

Sign installed by KUŞKOR alerting sea users not to disturb threatened seabird colonies. Rod fishing from the
island may have contributed to a continuing decline in Audouins Gull nests.

Day trips cost £195 based on 1-4 people. All trips are in an air conditioned 4*4 vehicle and usually include at least some off-road.

Our vehicle
Photo: Robin Snape

Based on 5 or more people day trips are arranged onboard an air conditioned bus (7-50 seater) and for these prices start at £280 per group.

Bird Watching Group
For larger groups a bus can be arranged.
Photo: Ergüler

Trips to the Karpaz Peninsula (Option 3) requires an additional £25 transport supplement per trip.

The optional boat trip to the Klidhes Islands requires an additional supplement per group of £100-150 depending on the group size.

All trips include cold beverages and snacks throughout the day, a full picnic lunch (full day) with seating, use of our quality scopes and if requested binoculars.

Half days can also be arranged for reduced cost.

Pick up times are to the clients preference after 07:30 am and drop offs are usually between 5pm and 6pm (often later for Option 3).

For enquiries please email [email protected] or call +90 (0)548 886 8684.

Week-long all-inclusive tailored birding packages for groups can be catered for via Direct Traveller.





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