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Birdwatching, nature conservation and consultancy in North Cyprus


Welcome to Cyprus Wildlife Ecology

Cyprus Wildlife Ecology has been undertaking birding trips in North Cyprus since 2012 and offers guiding services to birders, naturalists, school and university groups and to general tourists visiting North Cyprus. We organise and guide day trips, field expeditions and week-long holidays with set itineraries.

The majority of our clients are birders or nature lovers who look us up prior to their holidays and book a number of days with us in advance. We also cater for quite a number of tourists already on the island who find our information in the Tourist Information Centre or via word of mouth.
Some of our clients have had very little prior birding experienced but have greatly enjoyed seeing the birds and habitats and have found our trips to be a fantastic way to explore and see a different side of the island and a real eye opener. Others are very experienced birders who have been impressed with the diversity of birds and pleased to add new species to their life list.

Our week long packages are undertaken in collaboration with our agent Direct Traveller.

Every August we man a stand at the UK Bird Fair, Rutland Water where you can find us for a face to face run down. Our stall is supported by the Turkish Cypriot Presidency.

Individuals, schools, universities or groups of naturalists are welcome to contact us for support in setting up field trips or expeditions.

We also offer consultancy and surveyor services on contract for developers/agencies.





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